On-board ACM Disposal, IHM, Green Ship Recycling



As per MEPC 269 (68) and EUSRR regulations 1257/2013, the inventory of Hazardous Materials Part I must always be appropriately maintained up to date during the operational life of the vessel.

The maintenance should also verify that the IHM, especially the location of hazardous materials, is consistent with the arrangements, structure and equipment of the ship, through on-board visual inspection. The maintenance should further verify that any decision by the shipowner to delete equipment, system and/or area previously classed as PCHM from part I of the IHM is based on clear grounds for believing that the equipment, system and/or area in question contain no hazardous materials. A new SOC or IC will be issued by administration if it after successful completion of renewal survey, in accordance with regulation 11of the annex to the convention.

FALAB can perform IHM maintenance using state-of-the-art software, enabling an efficient process to keep the IHM up to do date on behalf of the shipowner or management company.


Part I of the Inventory shall be appropriately maintained and updated especially after any repair or conversion of a ship. If any machinery or equipment or component is added to, removed, or replaced or the hull coating is renewed, the MD/SDoC forms provided by the suppliers shall be properly filed and Part I of the IHM shall be updated.

Updating is not required if identical parts or coatings are installed or applied.

After the preparation of the IHM, and its certification by class, our team can take care of the maintenance of the IHM with a digital solution. During the IHM renewal survey updated IHM together with maintenance records will be checked by the class surveyors.


Our team of hazmat experts (on behalf on ship owner / manager) will support and supervise the maintenance process, by appropriately maintaining & updating IHM Part 1 as per MEPC 269 (68) and EUSRR.

The team of hazmat experts will Screen, evaluate and review all the Purchase Orders and work on the IHM report (exchange, add, delete information about the hazardous materials inherent in the components and materials of the ship), & liaise with suppliers when required (for MDs &SDoCs).

Before the renewal survey,The ship owner shall submit an application for renewal survey.

We will send the updated IHM reports in recent years and the new supporting documents such as MD and SDOC to the shipowner and forward them to the classification society for replacement.


FGS receives purchase order into the system and automatically validates, detects, and fills gaps, updating the reports automatically. It optimizes the purchasing process whilst creating an inventory of materials for your vessels, supporting the prevention of hazardous substances from being installed onboard of your vessels, right at the point of purchase.

It provides efficient integration of suppliers, Key stakeholders and Hazmat experts ensuring that all gaps are filled and your IHM maintenance is complete and up to date. Missing information such as MDs and SDoCs are automatically requested and collected from your suppliers by us.

Deliver up to date IHM Part I to the customer whenever required through customer portal.